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case study

Serving Up Performance for Wendy’s NZ.

Wendy's New Zealand

Project Description

Together used Google Cloud’s Big Query, Cloud Functions and marketing technologyintegrations to power localised, multi-channel marketing and serve up data-fuelled advertising performance for Wendy’s restaurants across New Zealand.

KEY Outcomes

Improved return on advertising spend (ROAS)

A single algorithm to manage 
bid strategy across video, audio, social and programmatic outdoor platforms

Hyper-localised, real-time management of bid multipliers based on external data points

The Challenge

New Zealand's Quick Service Restaurant category is crowded, competitive and very mature, a fact highlighted by Wendy’s five biggest spending competitors accounting for over 94% of total media investment. Given this competitive environment, Wendy’s needed a smart, data-driven strategy and go-to-market technology ecosystem, if they were going to compete successfully for share of customers' spend.

Wendy's Value Meal
Wendy's Cheeseburger

The Solution

Together architected and delivered a marketing ecosystem that combines Big Query, Cloud functions and API integrations with multiple DSPs and SSPs to enable hyper-localised, in-flight optimisation of advertising performance. The solution algorithmically manages multi-channel programmatic bidding based on data-driven insight and real-time changes in location-specific data points.

Wendy's Cheeseburger

The Result

Since commencing the data-driven transformation of their marketing activity, Wendy’s has seen a steady increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Today their Google Cloud powered marketing ecosystem allows Wendy's to execute campaigns that are optimised for each of their restaurant locations, algorithmically controlling investment across multiple channels based on real-time localised data.

Wendy's Restaurant

“When you have competitors with scale in terms of distribution footprint and marketing budgets, you are forced to do things differently. The ability this Google Cloud solution provides us to localise our activity, sense and respond to demand signals, and to optimise our advertising investment by restaurant is critical to our continued performance and growth.”

CEO, Wendy’s Hamburgers NZ