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case study

Helping AIA own the intent moment through real-time search.


Project Description

Armed with unique insight, we built a solution that triggered optimised search bids based on competitor advertising, enabling AIA to dominate high-intent moments and capitalise on their competitors’ larger media investments.

KEY Outcomes


Lead volume delivered


Conversion rate

A significant improvement in Paid Search ROI

The Challenge

Insurance is a hugely competitive category, with a high number of heavy-spending advertisers. Faced with increasing competitive pressure, health and life insurer AIA’s share of voice was down. This was acutely felt in Paid Search, a critical lead delivery channel, with increased activity and investment from competitors bidding on life and health insurance keywords, driving average cost per click up and eroding AIA’s share. AIA tasked Together with delivering the same volume of leads through SEM, despite a flat budget, growing competition in this channel, and CPC inflation.


The Solution

Sophisticated analysis of performance data, historic Google data and category competitor ad delivery data allowed Together to develop a fully automated, data-driven solution that identifies competitor activity in real-time, algorithmically determines the optimal bid strategy based on day of week, time of day and investment weight, and then executes it via a custom API between our Big Query data warehouse and the Google Ads platform.


The Result

The solution enabled AIA to efficiently target high-intent moments and capture demand being generated by their competitors’ ad investment, as well as ensuring they reaped maximum benefit from their own. This helped AIA grow its share of leads in the face of mounting competitive pressure. With the same overall spend our approach delivered high-quality leads that converted at over twice the previous average conversion rate and delivered a lower cost per lead, leading to a substantial improvement in ROI from Paid Search.

dashboard showing data graphs

“Our innovative real-time search activity has been a revelation and is the perfect way for us to maximise our marketing dollars in the face of intense competition. A simple insight, executed brilliantly..”

Head of Marketing & Digital Distribution,  AIA New Zealand