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What we do

Bring creativity, technology and data together to create growth.

Together re-connects the thinking, technology, and data specialisms that traditional models have pulled apart. We don’t believe in legacy separations between performance and brand, or precision and mass marketing. Instead we’re built to enable joined-up media experiences across an entire customer journey.

We work as both integrated media agency and consulting partner.

What makes us different

An independent full-service media agency / consultancy hybrid built specifically for modern data-driven marketing.

A team of the best strategic, digital, media, data and technology thinkers in NZ, with experience advising NZ's biggest businesses.

A unified approach to marketing and advertising technology that collapses organisational silos and is fully transparent.

A range of flexible working modes tailored for the tempo of modern marketing. From lead comms planning agency to consulting partner.

A technology-enabled service model with bespoke tools and data to enhance how clients work.

A culture of creativity and ambition to create real impact, not just smarter targeting.

Our Offering

Our services are designed to drive growth for progressive businesses. We group our capabilities into: 

Full Service Media

Leading edge media planning and buying
to identify and engage with the right audiences
at the right time.


Marketing, media and ad technology advisory
to fuel business change and growth. 

Full Service Customer Experience Management

Data-driven customer programmes that grow business by making the relationship between brands and customers more valuable to both.

Full Service Media

Together delivers leading edge strategic media planning and buying services, with a fully transparent operating system.

We built the agency for a media world defined by attracting the attention of the most valuable audiences. This was grounded on a belief in genuinely impartial advisory. This means we reject legacy media buying and trading practices; we don’t take commissions, operate rebates or principal-based trading so our clients know they’re getting independent advice. Our business isn’t founded on aggregating and controlling media buying, it’s based on using our skills, technology and data to add business value.

We’re experts in demand- and audience-based media planning and applying one-to-one planning principles to audiences at scale. Our technology and audience identification process have been developed for NZ and leverage the best global and local partners to provide our clients competitive advantage. We combine this with a thirst for creativity and innovation to capture attention and create positive change.

Strategy & Analytics

Strategy Communication, Digital & Data strategy to enable smarter decisions and create growth.
Marketing Science Identifying the drivers of business success to make media work harder.
Analytics Audience identification and segmentation to drive valuable targeting.


Journey Planning End to end channel planning to connect customer journeys.
Activation Fully accredited buying across all media and platforms. Expertise in automated, bid-based media buying.
Operations Auditing, Brand safety, and Measurement systems.


SEO Organic growth across platforms.
CRO Experience testing and optimisation.
Dynamic Automated and trigger-based messaging.


Ad-Tech Audience-based media buying via bid platforms.
Data Platforms CDP selection and Audience ID management.
Mar-Tech Orchestration between Paid and Owned media experiences.


Together+ Custom publisher solutions and integrations.


Global platforms increasingly enable organisations to manage customer experiences across paid and owned channels in-house. Together helps businesses take advantage of this, adapting and developing internal operating models, establishing the required roles and capabilities,  and selecting the right technology to enable effective modern marketing.

Our consultancy services provide access to leading expertise that supports clients to establish and evolve their in-house capability to meet changing demands from the market and their business. This ranges from undertaking structured audits and providing recommendations to improve practice and execution, to setting up functions and transitioning them in-house.

We also undertake standalone consulting projects in areas where we have deep subject matter expertise such as Demand Mapping, Customer Strategy, Data Strategy, Market Mix Modelling, Marketing applications of ML/AI, Marketing Measurement and Reporting, Adtech /Martech Use Cases and Requirements Definition, and Experience Mapping.

Full Service Customer Experience Management

Data-driven programmes that grow your business by making the relationship between your brand and your customer more valuable to both.

Delivering truly omnichannel customer experiences means putting back together the Owned and Paid media capabilities that legacy agency structures have pulled apart. This is one of the reasons Together was established. We have deep expertise in Owned and Paid channels, and the technology platforms and data infrastructure that enables them. As a result, we are unrivalled in the New Zealand market in our ability to design and execute seamless journeys that employ both.

Through our Connect team, we engineer “total connection” by designing and executing individually addressable customer programmes that uniquely combine deep Omnichannel expertise with the human factors that create a meaningful connection. We are experts in 1:1 communication planning and the delivery of personalisation at scale. We combine this with commercial acumen, a drive to be ambitious on our clients’ behalf and the desire to work with them to create positive change in their customers’ experience.

Customer Strategy

Portfolio strategy Understanding customer portfolio value dynamics and aligning sales and service delivery for profitability.
Segmentation and
growth mapping
Value and behavioural segmentation to enable a focus on growth outcomes.
CVP development Development of clear and distinctive value propositions based on customer needs.

Customer Intelligence

Base profiling and insight generation Analysis of customer data to enable understanding of shape and skews in the base, and to identify opportunities.
Automated reporting solutions Multi-level dashboards and reporting to support investment and operational decision making.
Testing programme design Auditing, Brand safety, and Measurement systems.
Voice of customer programmes Integration of VoC programmes1 into CXM approach to make it actionable.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Mapping2 and Design Mapping customers’ current state experience to identify pain points and “ownable moment” opportunities.
Applied behavioural science Application of behavioural science to moments within the journey to support choice making and engagement.

Personalised Marketing Technology

Capability audits Assessing current capability and developing phased roadmaps to improve practice maturity.
Requirements definition Ensuring that marketing user requirements are adequately captured and reflect what is needed, not what is possible.
Solution design High level solution design and delivery of martech architecture components.
Operational consultancy Consulting on required roles, processes and change management to accompany martech deployment.

First Party Data Services

Data strategy Determining the data required to enable customer and marketing strategies, together with permission and compliance requirements.
Data engineering Design and delivery of data infrastructure.
Data science LTV, predictive modelling and decisioning via ML and AI.

Relationship Marketing Programmes

Programme design Customised playbooks to deliver customer fuelled growth.
Origination Journey design and asset creation that are architected for automation.
Operation Deployment and programme management services (outsource and/or overflow).
Optimisation Development and implementation of continuous test and learn to improve programme effectiveness.

1 Actionable VoC programme design and delivery is undertaken via a specialist partner
2 We resource mapping projects with a mix of in-house and external subject matter experts