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Sharing the Love with AIA

M&AD: A collaboration of local and international agencies has brought AIA’s Share the Love to life, with NZ media agency Together, Australian creative agency Bullfrog and NZ shop Pead PR.

Share the Love is a first-of-its-kind initiative in New Zealand where new AIA policy holders are given six months of free life insurance valued at $50,000 to gift to a loved one for free.

The creative idea behind the campaign taps into a truth about New Zealanders being the most oversharing nation in the world.

“We don’t mean the TMI kind, but the other kind of oversharing: The one that comes from the heart. But, as our survey results confirmed, the one area where Kiwis keep quiet is when it comes to discussing life insurance and financial planning, so Share the Love aims to shift the conversations around these taboo topics and encourage people to plan for the future.

The campaign kicked off with Pead working with the Sunday Star-Times and developing independent consumer research looking into how Covid-19 has impacted our finances and how prepared Kiwis are for the financial challenges of the future.

It resulted in a front page story in featuring key outtakes from the research, an interview with AIA ceo Nick Stanhope and details on Share the Love.

From here, the wider marketing plan rolled out across digital, social media and a partnership with TV3’s The Project developed by Together.

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